Cocoa farmers are faced with the difficult task of distributing limited resources across their families.
Despite national advances in the field of education, such as compulsory primary school, farmers
continue to struggle to send their children to school due to the cost barriers to entry, including
uniforms, textbooks and transportation.

In 2016, Cocoa360 established the Tarkwa Breman Girls’ School (TBGS), a primary school that allows
parents to volunteer on our community cocoa farm in exchange for tuition-free education for their
daughters, to directly counter these cost barriers to education.

Trulli Trulli

Since inception, we have focused on building capacity that will result in the application of farm
profits towards offsetting non-salaried expenses such as books and uniforms at the school.

Trulli Trulli

With the organization’s guidance, community members apply profits from the sale of harvested
cocoa beans in a gradual approach based on a prioritization of needs.


We are breaking down the barriers to education by investing community resources into community
needs and putting farmers and their families in the driver’s seat to improve their communities
from within, harvest after harvest.

While our existing community farm recorded its first profit in 2018, we still have some work to do before
our farm output can sustain the size and quality of our educational programs.With a contribution of
$305/year, you can support our efforts at the school while we continue to build capacity on our farms.


A donation of $305 or 1,500 Ghs¢ covers the cost for a pupil to attend
the Tarkwa Breman Girls’ School for an entire year


By investing in one of our pupils, you will be creating a long-term investment in improved health and
educational outcomes for girls who will soon become decision makers in their families, and communities.