The global health community has made significant strides towards achieving Universal Health
Coverage since the Alma Ata Declaration, yet inequities in coverage due to poverty continue to
impede such efforts. In Ghana, this situation is even worse in rural communities
where many residents, who are typically farmers, are still unable to access
healthcare due to financial barriers such as user fees.

Since inception, Cocoa360 has focused on the exclusive application of the “Farm-For-Impact"
model to non-salaried expenses at its Tarkwa Breman Girls School, as this was the
clearest path to establishing community buy-in. Going forward, we are focused on increasing
the scale of our farm output to expand the model to eliminate user fees at our clinic;
with the goal to bring Cocoa360 into alignment with its healthcare and research mandate.

Trulli Trulli

Our established labor tracking system, with the uniquely-designed labor voucher card, currently
quantifies the value of the labor provided by community members on our farms in relation
to the education that they earn for their daughters. This will be replicated in application to
healthcare access. Similarly, we will track all labor deposits on newly acquired and designated
farms and apply them as credits for the community members against identified User Fees.The
profits from the healthcare designated farms will be use to off-set specified user fees at the clinic.

Trulli Trulli

Using Cocoa360’s model as a user-fee pre-financing intervention could therefore improve infant and
maternal care and increase earlier detection of diseases such as malaria, hypertension and HIV/AIDS
in rural areas.


Our clinic enjoys strong partnerships with public entities
as well as private non-profits.

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team member
team member

Historically, donor funding and selected partnerships have facilitated the subsidies that are provided
at our Tarkwa Breman Community Clinic. These partnerships are invaluable to bringing Cocoa360
into alignment with its subsidized healthcare mandate.


In 2018, Cocoa360 formed a partnership with PROJECT C.U.R.E, a relief organization dedicated to
bridging the medical supply and equipment resource gaps experienced by
hospitals and clinics in underserved communities.

This partnership ensures that our clinic will be able to receive biomedical equipment and general
supplies, and thus provide an enhanced level of diagnoses, treatment and care for the patients we serve.


This provision of site-specific medical relief provides the immediate benefit of increasing access to
quality care and the long-term benefit of strengthening the healthcare system of our community.

We are currently seeking to raise the $25,000 needed to ship a CURE cargo
container filled with over $400,000 free medical supplies and equipment
to our clinic before March 2021.


We invite you to consider giving a 1% monthly recurring donation ($250/month)
to help us meet that goal in time.