Access to quality healthcare and education in rural cocoa-farming communities in Ghana.

Stephanie is optimistic of a safe delivery. Thanks to Tarkwa Breman Community Clinic.

Access to healthcare and quality education has been a topical concern in rural communities worldwide. Like Stephanie, an 18-year-old girl who did not have the opportunity to attend school, she went through many difficulties and challenges since there was no one to cater to her education. She knew she was losing irreplaceable memories she could have obtained in school with her friends, just like it does for millions of young girls worldwide and makes them susceptible to teenage pregnancy.

Access to quality healthcare had been a significant challenge at Tarkwa Breman and its surrounding villages. It took a 2-hour journey on an untarred road to get to the nearest hospital. This has led to the untimely death of many pregnant women, especially teenagers.

“In the past, we did not have a clinic close to us. My family and I used to suffer before we could get to a hospital whenever any member got sick. But now, with Tarkwa Breman Community Clinic close to us, we do not have to worry about long journeys and distances getting treatments and going for check-ups” — said Stephanie Akuffo.

Cocoa360 is solving this problem one village at a time. By partnering with the communities and donors, Stephanie does not need to worry about where to give birth, and she is also filled with joy and praying to give birth to a girl who will enroll at the Tarkwa Breman Girls’ School.

Thanks to partners like you, Stephanie and other families in her community now have access to quality education and healthcare facilities close to them. Your generosity has had an enormous impact on many lives!

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