History Makers

It takes more than an individual to make a difference.
Cocoa360 is built on the pillars of the selfless sacrifice, dedication, passion, and hard work of our cherished history makers.

History Makers

It takes more than an individual to make a difference.
Cocoa360 is built on the pillars of the selfless sacrifice, dedication, passion, and hard work of our cherished history makers.

Our journey has been fueled by the efforts of all the community members we work with.
Here, we highlight a few key members who played instrumental roles and unfortunately have passed on.

An ardent believer in girl-child education, she played several influential roles in Cocoa360’s founding. From the acquisition of land for the Tarkwa Breman Center of Excellence to the cutting of sod to the first block of the Tarkwa Breman Girls School, Nana Hemaa stood her ground with determination to see this dream come true. She passed on to rest about 2 months after seeing the eight (8) communities, including Tarkwa Breman, have access to quality education.

Queen Mother (Nana Hemaa Adwo Yaa II)

A venerable man of virtue and supporter of Cocoa360’s mission, Wofa Boahen made it a point to support our efforts in whatever way he was physically capable of. He led fundraising efforts, made community radio announcements, led family land negotiations, moderated PTA meetings, and shortly before he died, donated his family land.

Wofa Boahen

Mr. Arthur was the direct uncle of our founder, Shadrack Frimpong, and father to Adom, Shadrack’s cousin and Cocoa360 staff member. He worked tirelessly with Shadrack’s parents to provide close-up guidance on community engagement efforts. Ever present at all functions, he supervised several family land negotiations including those from his land. Wofa Arthur, who affectionately called Shadrack, “Barima Yaw”, passed away in early 2020.

Wofa Arthur (Adom’s Dad)

Stewardship Credo

At Cocoa360, we believe in and radically live by the concept of stewardship. We believe that the earth is our temporary abode, and during our time here, we are called to faithfully use and maximize the resource at our disposal for the greater good of humanity.

These resources include our time, energy, donor funding, in-kind donations, community, corporate relationships, trust, and working relationships with our colleagues. We understand that we do not own anything but have been put in charge of these resources to amplify them for the greater good.

This guiding principle of stewardship pushes us to be mission-focused and consistently work towards our goals regardless of the difficulties we face.

Every day,
we exercise this view through a focus on :

Community Engagement

We merely offer guiding principles on initiatives, and then communities take charge of their implementation after choosing to accept our guidance.

Resolute execution

we do not wish or hope. We make resolute goals and remain stubborn in attaining them.


Simply, we leave our ego at the door, and get things done.


Punctuality and attention-to-detail remain some of our core hallmarks.

Being Right rather than being Liked

We are mission-pleasers, not people-pleasers.


We have grown to value the speed at which humility helps us to get things done. So we rely on experts and advisers to navigate challenges when they emerge.

Listening and not Hearing

Growth Mindset

Every challenge is an opportunity for us to learn something new.

Systems and Structures

We have concrete plans, deadlines, and assigned personnel for every facet of our work.


We understand that a “company” is simply a group of people. We go above and beyond to provide for our staff members the best conditions within our capacity.

Cocoa360 is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization facilitating health equity through access to quality education, and access to healthcare.

The Focus

The Focus

We are on a mission of putting cocoa farmers and their families in the driver’s seat of development to improve socio-economic conditions from within, one community at a time.

Core Valaue

Community Engagement

Our model ensures that the community are in complete control fron the ideation process to the implementation process


We partner with communities by actively involving them as co-designers of initiatives for sustainable development for solutions.

100% transparency

Communities wield power through the creation of their own elected committee members (village committee) who determine and efficacious use of revenues and resources