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Founding Story


Our founding story is one that’s steeped in the incredible power of community efforts. Our distinctiveness lies in the fact, from day 1, we have been fully powered by the communities we work with.

Long before our founder, Shadrack Frimpong, won the University of Pennsylvania’s President Engagement Prize in 2015

His community leaders met with me in 2014 to brainstorm interventions, designate land, and write a letter of support stating that they’d release over 50acres of land if he won the award.

And when he did, they paid 80,000GHcedis (~$20,000USD then from their coffers) as crop compensation for the farmers who worked on it prior.

Here is a brief clip of the chiefs and the late Queen-mother offering libations to pave way for construction in 2016.

Shadrack Osei Frimpong
Our Founder | Chief Steward

“At age nine, I had an infection that nearly led to leg amputation because it took several months before my parents could find money to send me to the nearest hospital, five hours away. Years later, I would become the first person from my village to attend college in the United States, forever changing my life’s trajectory. I attended the University of Pennsylvania on full scholarship where I graduated with the $150,0000 President’s Engagement Prize (PEP). Together with Julian, Maxwell, Jacob, and Isaac, I returned home with a mission: work with my community to transform healthcare and education.”
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A Mission Fueled by Friendship & Sacrifice

Cocoa360’s founding was made possible thanks to the sacrificial support of Shadrack’s roommates in Philadelphia -- energetic young Ghanaians, who stood with him to get the vision established.
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Together, we can ensure a better life for the hardworking rural cocoa farmers.