Universal Healthcare

Universal Healthcare Coverage should mean “Health for All”.

However, User Fees(Co-Pay), while “minimal”, are still significant cost barriers to healthcare access in rural communities.

They negatively impact health-seeking behaviors. This means, over time conditions such as acute Hepatitis become chronic and lead to expensive healthcare spending and negative health outcomes including death.

Our Innovation: Farm-for-Impact

Provide Farm Labor

It starts with cocoa.
Community members volunteer their time and efforts in exchange for access to a specific benefit (access to health or education).

Decision-Making; tiered spending on health & education

With guidance from Cocoa360, community members decide on the application of profits generated towards education or healthcare programs.

Financial Reporting

At the end of the harvest cycle, Cocoa360’s staff & community members come together to debrief on the crop year. The total farm profit for the cycle is determined.

Our Solution-1

Our Solution

Cocoa360’s unique advantage lies in the potential for revenues from our cocoa farms to establish a community-led pre-financing mechanism to completely eliminate specific user fees such as consultation and registration folder fees.